Our core themes


The objective of this group of projects is to identify at least two antimalarial drug combinations that are safe, effective and practical to use for the treatment of uncomplicated malaria in pregnancy in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The projects are:

Treatment Africa

Treatment Asia

Treatment Latin America


Prevention Africa

The objectives of this group of projects are to identify at least one safe and effective alternative to sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine (SP) for intermittent preventative treatment in pregnancy (IPTp) in Africa and to identify new strategies to replace IPTp for areas with reduced/low transmission or high SP resistance.

The projects are:

New drugs for IPTp

IST versus IPTp with SP in West Africa

Prevention Malawi – ISTp versus IPTp-SP

IPTp Effectiveness multicentre study

Prevention Asia and Latin America

The objective of this group of projects is to define the malaria burden and to determine the optimal strategy for the control of malaria in pregnancy in areas in Asia and Latin America with low or moderate malaria transmission where P falciparum and P vivax malaria coexist.

The projects are:

Prevention strategy for Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Prevention strategy in India

Prevention strategy in Latin America

Public Health Impact

This theme consists of a series of multi disciplinary studies involving anthropology, economics and implementation research to examine what currently determines women's access to and use of care packages associated with malaria in pregnancy in differing contexts so that policy changes and other enablers can be employed to improve access within the context of antenatal care programmes.

These studies are:

Economic studies of malaria in pregnancy intervention

Anthropological studies on malaria in pregnancy

Implementation research studies on the access and use of MiP interventions

Cross Cutting Themes

The projects that fall under the four research themes are supported by these additional projects, studies and trials which provide scientific validation and benefit across more than one project.