IPTp Effectiveness multicentre study

Project Coordinator: Prof. Feiko Ter Kuile (UK)

Project Collaborators:

Dr. Linda Kalilani (Malawi), Prof. Brian Greenwood/Dr. Daniel Chandramohan (UK), Dr. Pascal Magnussen (Denmark), Dr. Sheick Coulibaly (Burkina Faso), Dr. Abraham Hodgson (Ghana), Dr. Kalifa Bojang (The Gambia), Dr. Kassoum Kayentao (Mali), PMI, USAID and CDC, USA.

The goal of this project was to explore the relationship between the level of SP resistance in the population of pregnant women, the efficacy of intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy (IPTp) with SP in clearing parasites and preventing new infections and the effectiveness of IPTp-SP in reducing the adverse effects of malaria at birth.

This was a multi-centre study to monitor the effectiveness of IPTp by determining the relationship between the level of SP resistance as assessed by molecular markers, the efficacy of SP in clearing existing malaria infections (in-vivo module: 42 day follow-up of asymptomatic parasitaemic women) and the ability of IPTp-SP to reduce the adverse effect of malaria at birth (delivery module).